Lauren Baker gives life back to perished animals. Each artwork is a homage to the living creature. Her work is Inspired by the power of nature, afterlife and mythological, magical creatures. Stag skulls are gilded in gold leaf, embellished with handcut mosaic tiles, treasures and beads or painted in vibrant colours. Every skull is carefully and ethically sourced and each one comes with a story. Email for price list, details of the full range and to order of your unique skull. 

Harold (sold)

Duke (sold)

Wildfire (sold)


Spirit (Ram skull)

Lolita with spikes (sold)Damien Rak

Optious (sold)


This beautifully symmetrical Roebuck deer skull named Gershwin is embellished with handcut 24ct and 18ct gold leaf tiles sourced from Venice, Italy. He is 9 years old and lived in the Scottish highlands. 


Vincent lived in the Scottish Ross-shire highlands. He was found with an injury to his leg. It is believed that he was hurt whilst fighting with another wild deer. Vincent had a good life at 9 years (wild deer live to around 10 years and up to 20 years in captivity). Vincent was featured in Harrods window - Dec 2012. Deer fully gilded in gold leaf. Size: 62x45cm. 

Jungle (sold)

George (sold)

George was featured in the George Michael music video White Light with Kate Moss - Sep 2012. 



Lolita was featured in Harrods interiors display - Dec 2012. 

Warrior Princess

Amazon Spirit


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