The Enchanted Afterlife collection of skulls explores life, death and afterlife. Skulls - inspired by Mexican Day of the Dead in which people celebrate life and death from a positive perspective. Skulls are a reminder that nothing lives forever and so it is important to live in the now and enjoy life. Embellished with mosaics, spikes, crystals and beads. Some are lavishly gilded in gold, rich copper gold and silver leaf. The skulls have a secret enclosed compartment to keep your treasures in. 

Each skull is unique and can be made to order. Email now for price details, full range and to order your unique skull. 

Utopian Visions
Collaboration by Baker & Sequin. 24,500 sequins and 1,010 Swarovski crystals in 295 hours. 

Lucid Visions
Collaboration by Baker & Sequin. 27,350 sequins in 310 hours. 

Lucius (2 of 3. Number 1 sold)




Malcolm (sold)


Bob with Dude

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Images by Mel Ward, Josh Chow, Ric Kelly, Caroline Michael, Neil Collins.