Lauren traveled to Brazil in March 2011 and joined a Global Street Art Project: Wall 2 Wall Love. The mission: To spread love and happiness by mosaicing the streets of Brazil. Mosaic artist and activist Lis Onda leads the ongoing project and she continues to inspire Lauren.

In January 2012 Lauren ran workshops, making mosaic hearts, with children in India. 

Making art at Wilderness Festival - August 2012. 

The street art project in Brazil inspired Lauren to start the ‘Hundred Hearts’ project. 

Lauren aims to bring people from all backgrounds and ages together to make 100 mosaic hearts for the walls of East London. 

Her motive is to:
Make passersby smile
Brighten up deprived streets
Share art
Acknowledge special people - the creator of each heart can dedicate their heart to a person. 

Details of each heart, it’s location and tribute will be displayed at:

If you would like to be involved in the One Hundred Hearts project please email